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Alan James
<--- That was then. This is now.
Greg Douglass
(What you see is what you'll hear. :-)

James & Douglass
All songs recorded live in concert.
If the song isn't credited to somebody else,
it's mine, all rights reserved. - Alan J

1. Mother Earth, Father Sky
In honor of the ways of my tribal friends
and all that I've learned from them.

2. Goodbye California
and it ain't me that's leavin'.

(It's a sinkalong song. :-)

3. Dinosaurs
A Guy Clark song that I sincerely wish
I had thought of before he did.

4. Fool in Love
And that's the truth.

5. Don't Think Twice
Bob Dylan's song done in "blues" time (12/8)
because Ken Graydon told me it was one.

6. Wish Come True
Good love songs dance right down the edge
of the swamp of pure maudlin mush
without trippin' and fallin' in.

7. Instant Cowboy
As a fair warning instead of an introduction:
this song was inspired by a John Travolta movie.

8. Midnight Rambler
This one's for all the bartenders I've known.

9. Hard Times Come No More
Greg Douglass plays Stephen Foster,
and says it all without a word.

10. Dreamsong
A minstrel friend of mine from very long ago
gets co-writing credit for this one.

11. Brotherhood Blues
I wrote this one day in 1965 in San Francisco,
while we were protesting against the war,
and it's a cryin' shame it's still so true.

12. Bless Our Children
'Cause they truly are the hope of the world,
and we do so little to foster their hopes.

13. Pass It On
This song happened to me way back in my days
of hitch-hiking around the US with my guitar.
And besides that, I mean it.

And on the right--
mostly just me and my guitars.

Rough Cuts
All mine, all rights reserved. - Alan J

"It's a good thing hope springs eternal--
That hearts break, but love never dies. . ."
Come wander that path with me for a bit.

1. Britt's Song
Like the song says, beginnings are magic.

2. Britt's Song 2
And like #1 also says, endings are tragic.

Britt's songs are a story in themselves,
told in her memory. . . One from when we
met, and the other from 15 years later,
2 days before she left this world.

4. Love's Story
But like Britt's song doesn't say--
the middle ain't always magic.

5. Western Sea
And sometimes you just get it wrong.

6. Goin' Home
And then comes having to start over. . .
whether it's with the same person or not.

7. Sour Grapes
A comic tale of the unfortunate fact
that sometimes the beginning is the end.

8. Susan's Song
The one who inspired it didn't want it--
but eventually the right Susan turned up,
so now this song is hers instead.

9. The Reluctant Genie
If the gods and their minions
always did as you desire (and/or pray :-)
you'd be their god-- which ain't gonna happen.

10. Starfire
The only end of time there is, is now.
And as the stars will tell you if you listen,
the only end of space is here, in your eyes.
And by the way, the only end of your life
that there ever will be already happened.

11. We Who Are the Dancers
(Randi Phillips / Alan James)
It's sooo fitting that this is a co-write.
This song is for all of the songwriters,
and all of their inspirations besides. . .
and as for you-- your part's easy--
if the shoe fits, dance in it.

And here's a video
for your viewing pleasure

Goodbye, California