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Once upon a time I made jewelry.
Below are a few of my favorite pieces,
and my "animal spirit" series of graphic designs.

Starfire Bracelet, Series One

Silver with beadwork woven in place
Starfire Bracelet, Series Two

Silver, beads, lavendar garnet in gold bezel
The stone setting "floats" in the beadwork,
woven into place with no other support.

Coyote Walks the Rainbow Path

Silver and beadwork pendant

"Mini-Star" Series

Silver and beadwork
A smaller size bracelet

"White Buffalo Calf Woman"

Necklace-Breast Plate
Silver, beads, Yowah Valley opal in gold bezel
In honor of her teachings.
The seven ceremonies are represented by
the rainbow of hoops around the pipestem,
and the seven hoops in the necklace.


Navajo rug weaver's loom, 4" x 6"
A "working miniature" in silver and beads

Wax sculpture for casting was a specialty of mine--
mostly critters, both real and imaginary.

The Wings of Imagination

Silver, crystals and gemstones
Dolphins and Mermaids

Silver and quartz crystal


A wax original for casting in silver
It's about one inch high.

I think it was my grandad on my father's side
who gave me the confidence that I could make
and/or figure out how to fix anything
if I could get my hands around it. . .
We don't usually think of it as such
but playing a musical instrument
is a handcraft too, ya know.

But if I tried to draw you a picture
of something I was going to make--
of what I could see so clearly in my head--
you'd probably wonder why I was going to bother.

Doing the beadwork designs finally taught me
a few of the basic things about how to draw,
but to this day, people who can do pictures--
who find 2-dimensional representations
of 3-dimensional things easy to do--
impress me.

Animal Spirits
lightning is their spirit symbol
because Mother Earth's critters
have far greater power than we imagine.







So which one catches your imagination?
And how would you like to have it?
As an embroidered shirt or jacket,
a printed T-shirt, a coffee mug. . . ?
Talk to me.

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