White Buffalo Calf Woman

A necklace made in honor of White Buffalo Calf Woman,
the Prophetess who came to the Lakota people with the sacred pipe
and taught them the seven ceremonies, and the hoop of the nations.

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Mayan Spiral

A silver pendant, bracelet and earrings,
beaded in the bright colors of Mayan fabrics--
a rainbloow to go with all colors you wear.



Summer Rain

The clouds just naturally have a silver lining,
and the raindrops glitter in the flash of the lightning.
The perfect accessories for a dance in the rain.

Two Grey Hills





Starfire Series

Silver cuff bracelet,
6-1/2 by 2-5/8 inches
Dramatically different.


Starfire Deluxe

Beadwork with a gemstone
woven in place-- each one a
unique creation of bead colors, gemstone and design. There'll
never be another one like yours.

Rug Looms

Beadwork Woven in Silver
A unique idea in jewelry

Sterling silver working miniatures of the Navavjo rug weaver's loom,
with the rugs beadwoven in traditional regional colors and designs
Custom made for rug collectors. Approximate size - 4 x 6 inches.

Style 2

A smaller cuff bracelet
6 x 1-7/8 inches
Stock or customized
design and bead colors
to accent what you wear.